Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Surprise we had a baby.... and I'm still pregnant

So around 630 pm on November 19th I started having contractions. My doctors had told me if I had contractions to take Tylenol, lay down, drink lots of water, and take a bath. If I was still contracting after an hour then I would need to come in to get checked. I'd gone in a week ago to get checked because of contractions but by the time I got admitted to the hospital everything had slowed down and they sent me home. I felt pretty silly about the whole ordeal so this time I wanted to make sure it was real. After 2 hours of contractions I told my husband I thought we should go to the hospital. Looking back I should've known I was in labor. In fact at one point I came out crying to my husband (he was doing the dishes and putting kids to bed) and said "I don't want these babies any more this hurts!" Jokingly my husband said "Are you in transition?" We both laughed and I went back to my room to contract some more. Several times over this experiences we both thought you know if I was full term this would be real labor but between it being so early and having been turned away before it messed with our brains. We started getting ready to go. I sat on the toilet one more time because I had been battling gas cramps with my contractions and I felt like I could maybe get something out finally, once again I should've seen it coming. As I started pushing I felt like my vagina was ripping open.  I told Jonathan to come over and see if he was feeeling what I was. As I stood up from the toilet I pushed one more time and out came our baby. Jonathan caught the baby in his hand and then helped move me so I was laying down in the shower. I held the baby on my lap as Jonathan called 911.  The baby was moving, looked like he was trying to breathe, and making noises but he was so little. The ambulance got to our house swiftly and transported me to the hospital right by our house in Payson. Jonathan and I remained calm the entire time. I was probably in shock because I kept apologizing to the paramedic for how tight our hallways were and they were transporting me to the ambulance. In Payson they also have a volunteer rescue group. So when I noticed my precious bishop helping carry me out to the ambulance I happily said hi and told him how sad we were that with he new ward boundary change we weren't in the same ward anymore. He looked at me like I was crazy. The same way the paramedics looked at me for apologizing for our small hallways. When we arrived at the Payson hospital they cut the cord and whisked baby away to go take care of him and then we got me situated and waited to see if I was going to deliver our other little boy. When they felt like I could make the ambulance ride up to Provo without delivering they sent me. My baby would be life lighted there shortly after they had him stable. I got to the Provo hospital just fine and was taken up to labor and delivery to be monitored. Since delivering Cayden I haven't  had another contraction. Labor seemes to have completely stopped. I haven't delivered Cayden's placenta. When they cut the cord for Cayden they sealed it up and shoved it back inside. It's 8 AM on November 22nd. Cayden is in the NICU and doing miraculously considering his circumstances. Baby B is still inside. I still haven't had any contractions the baby inside me looks great and healthy and his amniotic sac is still intact. The main worry right now is infection. Any sign of infection and they will take the baby immediatly. Otherwise I am here in the hospital until I give birth again which all the nurses tell me they hope is in like 10 weeks.  We are in uncharted territory. This doesn't happen often and so there aren't many statistics. I could go into labor any minute or I could stay pregnant we will just have to wait and see.

This is Cayden, middle name is pending brothers birth but I was so sick and tired of calling him baby A we at least had to give him a first name. Cayden means fighter and that is definitely what he is. When he was born he was 1.5 lbs and 11.5 inches long. His head is about the size of a cutie clementine.
And like a fool I can't figure out how to post pictures on this blog so they will be on facebook.


  1. Oh my gosh, Lizzy, that is nuts!!! So glad your little boy is doing ok and that Baby B is still inside!

  2. Lizzy! I'm so sorry to hear what you, Cayden, and baby B are going through!! You are wonderful. May Heavenly Father's love for you and your whole family be easy to see during these hard days!!